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How do I qualify for a DriveItAway “Lyft Your Down Payment” or “Drive for Your Down Payment™” vehicle?

Apply to drive for Lyft or Uber: call 856 495 3138, email info@driveitaway.com, or text us at “LYFT” at 69696 and we can help you. Get approved and reserve your vehicle online at the DriveItAway dealership of your choice (Please note: vehicles must have our code DRIVEITAWAY for you to receive the down payment bonus). If you are already approved, reserve your vehicle online and show us your valid driver app when you come in to pick up your vehicle. (Please note: you will need a debit or credit card in order to rent avehicle) You choose the term, from a few days to a few months.

Where do I go to pick up a vehicle to drive?

Any DriveItAway affiliated dealer, although it’s recommended you choose a dealer where you may also want to purchase your vehicle.

How do I go through the process of selecting and purchasing a vehicle?

That’s easy, choose the affiliated DriveItAway dealership of your choice, and when you stop to pick up your rental vehicle, you can also meet our DriveItAway “Lyft Your Down Payment” specialist, who can help you with vehicle selection, answer any questions, calculate the down payment needed. All DriveItAway customers receive special consideration with our “Lyft Your Down Payment/Drive Your Down Payment” program specialists.

How do I reserve the rental?

That’s easy too, once you are approved to drive for Lyft or Uber, just go on to the reservation section of the site and choose your vehicle.

How do I pay for it?

You will need a major credit or debit card to pay for the vehicle, and you can choose the term. It’s okay to rent for just a few days and then renew, folks do it all the time.

While the rental process is automated, is it okay to call or email someone for some additional questions on the program?

Absolutely, personal service is what sets us apart from the many automated rental companies out there
that will gladly lock you into a perpetual rental or short-term lease, but never talk to you about solving your transportation needs.
We can help you at headquarters 856 495 3138, email: info@driveitaway.com or text “LYFT” to 69696.