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How do I get into the DriveItAway turn-key Mobility as a Service/Car Sharing Program?

Give us a call, we are dedicated to making it easy and cost effective for any dealer to get into the
Mobility as a Service business. Each DriveItAway affiliated dealer can design their own car sharing
program, focused on both satisfying the needs of current Ride Sharing (Lyft/Uber) drivers, and your
retail prospects who want a subscription service – why let them migrate to 3rd party car sharing
providers? We give you a fully automated process, in a turn-key, comprehensive, solutions driven
program (including a mobile software platform, insurance and training) to get your dealership up and
running in this emerging, rapidly expanding new area of the transportation business.

What does it cost?

We are dedicated to making our DriveItAway, turn-key Car Sharing program affordable to all
dealerships, franchise and independent, large and small. There are literally no start-up fees, and no
minimum usage requirements of any kind. We only charge a small revenue share from your profits, so
give us a call and we will give you the details: 856 495 3138.
Your only fixed cost is the gps module you need to install on each car sharing vehicle, to allow the
program to be fully “self-service” for the customer (including vehicle tracking, condition, fuel level, and
even keyless entry).

Are there any start-up fees?

None. We are dedicated to enabling every dealer to get into the game of Mobility as a Service, so you
may offer subscription vehicle services or “cents per mile” models right along with traditional dealership
activities. We truly believe that “MaaS” or whatever Silicon Valley wants to call it, is best suited to be
conducted inside car dealerships, not by third parties – the place transportation needs have been
satisfied for the last 100 years.

Are there any volume obligations?

None – we told you we make it easy.

Who decided what vehicles I rent and under what rates and terms?

You do, we just facilitate the platform (software/hardware), the insurance and the training. It’s your
business to operate how you would like… we work for you and give you everything you need to custom
design your “Mobility as a Service” business… and we add the strength of the “powered by Driveitaway
label” with our national “Lyft Your Down Payment” and “Drive for Your Down Payment™” programs.

What does the comprehensive insurance cover?

All of the State minimums, any time your driver does not happen to be covered under a Lyft/Uber Ride
Sharing policy. The vehicle, in operation, is never under your garage policy coverage. You may title
vehicles to be on Car Sharing in a separate LLC if desired.

I want to try it, how do I start?

Just let us know, and we will fill you in on all the details. For a limited time, we will even throw in, at our
expense, one premium GPS module that does everything (tracks location, mileage, fuel, engine light,
hard acceleration or breaking, geo-fence locations, even opens the door of the vehicle by app – this is
slick), a $330 value, when you sign up.
Give us a call 856 495 3138, email us – dealers@driveitaway.com, text DRIVEITWAY to 69696, or just hit
this link. We will get you started today.